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Groove is one of Yale's most stylistically diverse dance groups with a focus in lyrical, jazz, and contemporary. Created in 2002 by a group of dancers who wanted to have fun while doing technical dance, Groove Dance Company prides itself on combining technique, passion, and freedom of expression into every piece we perform. From modern to hip hop, tap to ballet, jazz to afro-fusion, we encourage our dancers to reach beyond their comfort zone and explore the various influences of choreography from any and every genre of dance. For us, dance is a way to communicate, create, and most importantly, have fun.

We host auditions at the beginning of each semester, and put on a show towards the end of each semester showcasing a selection of student choreographed pieces. There is a mandatory two hour group class every Sunday, then individual dances meet for an hour weekly to rehearse. Check out the Up Next tab to see more information about upcoming audition cycles.


President / Haley Hegefeld

Artistic Director / Leah Smith

Media Manager + Technical Director / Cosette Davis

Social Chair / Sharon Li

Treasurer / Olivia Jorasch 

The company

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Fall 2019 Auditions

date: September 1, 2019

location: payne whitney gymnasium studio e/f (5th Floor)

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Got Groove?

Think you’ve got what it takes to join Groove? We’d love to see you come and audition for our company! Groove holds auditions once every semester, usually after the first weekend of classes. Auditions are about 2 hours long and proceed as follows:

  • Warm-Up: Our Artistic Director will lead you through a stretch and cardio warm-up to loosen your limbs and get you ready to dance with us. Your stretching isn’t being evaluated, so relax! Use this time, along the additional time we will give you at the end of the warm-up, to stretch out whatever you feel you need to before we get started.

  • Technique: Next, you will do some basic ballet and jazz moves and combos (i.e. pliés, tendus, battements, leaps, turns) to show us your technique and your flexibility. Don’t be afraid to ask any questions if you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises—our company members are happy to explain them in detail to you!

  • Choreography: You will be taught two 30-second snippets of choreography from two different styles of dance we performed in our previous semester show—for example, one contemporary piece and one jazz funk piece. You will then perform the dances in small groups for the company. We are looking for accuracy and foundations for technique, but more importantly, your ability to own the stage and really exhibit your passion for dance to the audience. Also, there are usually chances to improv during the choreography, so take those opportunities to show us your musicality and add your own personal flair!

  • Solo (Optional): This is your chance to shine! You can freestyle or choreograph a short piece no longer than 1 minute in whatever style suits you, whether it be ballet, hip-hop, ballroom, acro, or something entirely your own. As a company that values stylistic diversity, we love to see whatever you can bring to the table, so choose whatever you think will best showcase your abilities!

Auditions are a fun way for us to get to see your style and for you to get to know the company—no prior dance experience is required. Our company members come from a variety of dance and non-dance backgrounds, including gymnastics, cheerleading, yoga, martial arts, or none of the above! Check our website for updates on audition dates and locations. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us!

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